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What is the extra we can provide you with the provision of personnel? We are not hunting for the candidates in the well-known job portals, but we work on our own way. We have more than 200 thousand reasons why it is worth for you to join us.
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We know which are the three words all managers are dreaming about regarding recruitment. Speed, flexibility, efficiency. We at the HSA offer you exactly these: we rapidly, flexibly and efficiently solve your labour shortage.
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Additional services


By outsourcing, depending also on your incoming orders, you can flexibly manage your workforce even month-by-month in a way that the average headcount of your company remains unchanged. As regards grant funds, this may be gold, even literally.
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Adult education

We do not offer template packages, but a training plan tailored completely to your company, your problems and your demands. We help you in the motivation of your employees and in the improvement of the efficiency of the work flow with a training based on dialogues.
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Our team has not only a general attorney-at-law, but a labour law expert as well, thus, if you assign us to do the payroll accounting of your company, you can be sure that it will be done always precisely, according to the effective law.
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Labour inspections

Our expert worked as an official inspector. He exactly knows what kinds of cross-examinations are to be expected during an audit. We reveal what kinds of even unknown irregularities there are in your company e.g. due to changes in law to release you from the fear of any labour inspections.
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HSA's 10 guarantees

We have key priciples that we follow in all circumstances. We guarantee the following 10 things for all of our partners.
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